Once upon a time

At the beginning of digital era, the artist Lapo Fatai, as usual, was painting his notorius puppet in Milan, Italy. When he finished, he took some pictures with his phone, but something wasn't right.

His puppet begins to come to life, he blinks, he moves his eyebrows and can move every muscle in his face like a living thing. Lapo is visually frightened and the puppet still has a smile on his face.

The puppet begins to detach himself from the wall, and he immediately moves into the Ethereum blockchain where he can express himself as he wants, and emerges in this over-saturated world, creating a number of alter egos of himself while keeping a smile as a sign of challenge,

but the story is to be continued...


Some insane stuff cooking... and yes, you're early... 👀

February 2022

We are happy to announce the launch of the OG CryptoPuppets NFT collection.
100% of the revenue will be invested towards marketing and development for the second collection.

April-May 2022

For every OG CryptoPuppets will be created an original canvas by the artist Lapo Fatai, which can be redeemed by any holder connecting their wallet in our gallery.

22 June 2022

Mark your calendar. Lapo celebrates his birthday with you! Some OG holders will receive an animated puppet.

August 2022

The PuppetsHunting lands in three key cities chosen by our lovely community.

Autumn 2022

OG PUPPETS are feeling lonely, they're looking for a new companion to navigate uncharted territories. CP Ladies will be dropped and will have something to do with OGs.

Autumn 2022

CP Party. An exclusive event accessible only to holders. Great experiences are guaranteed! Stay tuned.


The Big Drop. We will bring you to the Lapoverse.

Puppet Process

Lapo has been drawing his iconic puppet for the last few years, and now thanks to the technology around the NFTs, it is accesible to everyone.

Lapo and his team have decided to put their head and heart into this long-term project, along with their own vision of the "Lapoverse".

We are ready and you?


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CRYPTOPUPPETS is an NFT collection of iconic characters that our talented artist Lapo Fatai has been drawing for the past years, now turning digital to be accessible for the metaverse with a lot of secrets about mutation.


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